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DJ TechTools Live Master Classes

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Let's Learn Together

DJ TechTools has created a series of classes that are designed to bring DJs, producters and performers from around the world together so we can build community and learn in groups.

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Course 3: Drum & Bass Essentials Masterclass by STRANJAH

Audience: Beginner and Intermediate
Duration: 6 classes, 90 minutes per class

This Live interactive course allows you to ask questions in real time, and get answers right away to tough production and DJ questions.
There is also a 1 hour after party that is exclusive to the live event, where you can connect with other artists and also ask questions that may have been outside the scope of the course.
Lastly, we have a private facebook group for Master Class students, where you can share mixes, productions, get advice and connect with fellow students and artists.

  • Class 1 - Everything Drums:
    • Drum selection (Mention sample sources / Using quality Samples)
    • Patterns (How to add more groove, shuffle / shakers)
    • Using Breaks (How to cut and layer breaks)
    • Grouping and FX (Saturator / Compressor)
    • Advanced steps (Shaping kick + snare / Building your own snare)
  • Class 2 - Basic Synthesis:
    • Bass (Start with basic waveforms, master one waveform, square is best, use filter and envelopes to shape / So many areas your can explore with / Then layer more as you master each step)
    • Synths (How to create basic synth sounds such as stabs and pads / FX and atmospherics sounds)
  • Class 3 - Jungle
    • Using the foundations from Class 2 & 3 demonstrate writing techniques using the Jungle genre
    • Create various jungle basslines
    • How to layer a jungle beat with a bass
    • How to make the drums more interesting (Expand on sequence with fills and edits / How to edit / Arrangement techniques)
  • Class 4 - Liquid D&B
    • Building on what we’ve learnt, we will then create a liquid D&B track
    • Create the basic sounds from what we learnt in synthesis (Rolling bassline)
    • Writing chords and melodies to go with bassline
    • Adding additional layers such as vocals, how to chop vocals
  • Class 5 - Rollers
    • How to make a roller, how to get sharp tight breaks
    • Creative use of basslines
    • Add FX and vocal/sample chops
  • Class 6 - Dancefloor and other styles
    • Demonstrate other styles such as dance floor and halftime D&B, can open it up to the class on what they want to learn
    • Demonstrate advanced mixing techniques such as parallel and multiband FX processing to get the sounds pumping

Course 1: Intermediate DJ Techniques - Creating Amazing Mixes

The first live interactive DJ class with Ean Golden for DJs that want to deepen their skills and experience.

  • Session 1 - FX For Success (the two essential FX everyone needs and how to use them creatively)
  • Session 2 - Critical Loops and Cues (how to prepare your music for low stress seamless mixing)
  • Session 3 - Setting Up Amazing Mixes (engineering mixes that wow the crowd)
  • Session 4 - Using Different Tempos (how to seamlessly blend music from various genres)
  • Session 5 - How to change between radical tempos and shift energy
  • Session 6 - Using Keys in a set creatively (shifting energy and building a quality flow)
  • Session 7 - Creative arrangement of a set  (telling a story and building the flow)

Course 2: Taking your DJ sets to another level - Stand out from the crowd

Going beyond mixing two songs and starting to engineer a unique sound that is expressive and fun to play with.

  • Session 1 - Creative uses of 3rd and 4th decks
  • Session 2 - Leverage Remix Decks and Sample Decks to add dimension/ personality to your sets
  • Session 3 - Software//Hardware techniques for delicious and unique sound quality
  • Session 4 - MIDI Mapping for the win - Adding a layer of creativity to your sets
  • Session 5 - Going beyond the basic mixes. 6 out of the box ways to pick and blend music that set my style apart from others. I will give you nearly all my favorite mix tricks lately in 1 hour!
  • Session 6 - Creating Edits that really work and will make your DJ sets unique!

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