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Why should you get an Extend warranty for your DJ Gear?

Wondering if you should protect your gear with a warranty? DJ Techtools has started offering Extend warranty coverage on many of the products we sell to help give DJs and producers peace of mind. Here’s why you might want to consider it:

Accidents Happen

Gigs are full of all sorts of unknown dangers. Even packing up and putting in your car can result in damaged controls and screens. For a nominal, one time fee, an extended warranty will protect you against all of the things your manufacturer's warranty doesn’t. Know that feeling of seeing someone stumble toward the DJ booth with drink in hand? While an extended warranty can’t prevent the spill it can help you get back up and running super quick.

Complete Replacement

Rather than requiring you to send your damaged unit in for a repair, our warranty provider, Extend, will provide you with a coupon code to repurchase a new unit inside our store. That means you're back on the road and gigging or creating in the studio in no time. You also have the option to apply that credit to another product if you decided you wanted to upgrade!

Cover your gear longer

Most manufacturer warranties are one year and cover a limited scope of parts and repairs. With an extended warranty you have the option to cover your gear longer, which means gigging with confidence that you’re covered against even the worst spills, drops and even malfunction from normal wear and tear.

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