Traktor Kontrol S8 + Ean Golden Tutorial


4-Channel Touch Strip DJ Controller

  • 30 touch-sensitive knobs and faders
  • 2 full-color displays - close your laptop!
  • Touch strip for position, pitchbend, and more

The Kontrol S8 is a controllerist's dream - offering total control over every aspect of Traktor. Remix Decks, FX, filter and more all instantly accessible. Our customers get a 1 hour tutorial from Ean Golden (exclusive to DJTT) including a 10 minute pro performance tips section.

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Full Color Displays

Each sleek display can show information for two decks, including high resolution colored waveforms, remix deck slots, FX states, and a complete browser view that even shows off your cover art.

Touch and Tap Controls

There are 8 full-RGB pads on each deck, as well as a touch strip (similar to the one on the Kontrol X1 MK2) that can be used to control track position, pitch bend, and more.

Remix Deck Heaven

With the elimination of jog wheels, this controller is focused on other controls - including the addition of 8 short-throw faders as individual volume faders for each Remix Deck slot.

Key Features:
  • Expands the mixer into a fully functional mixer with analogue inputs
  • Replaces the jog wheels with high resolution color screens and a touch strip
  • Merges the X1 and F1 style controllers into a single interface with level controls for Remix Decks
  • Adds many dedicated buttons for popular features like Freeze, Flux
  • Introduces touch-sensitive encoders for effects with matching screen updates
  • Traktor Scratch Pro 2 included
  • Four stereo RCA inputs (switchable phono/line), any input can be timecode or normal signal, can route CDJs and turntable timecode input
  • Mixer acts essentially as a Kontrol Z4 mixer
  • Dual mic inputs (1 combo XLR/1/4", 1 1/4")
  • Dual headphone outputs (1/8" and 1/4")
  • Dual main outputs (RCA and XLR; +20 dBu/+14 max output level)
  • Independent booth output (1/4", +20 dBu)
  • Power supply with adapters required & included
Size + Weight:
  • Height: 2.6" / 6.6cm
  • Width: 2.03" / 5.16cm
  • Depth: 15.23" / 38.68cm
  • Weight: 11lb / 4.99kg

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