Pioneer PLX-1000


Professional Direct-Drive Turntable

  • High-torque direct drive turntable
  • Detachable power and audio cables
  • Excellent analog sound quality design

Pioneer's PLX-1000 is an entry back into the turntable market, delivering the rock-solid performance of classic turntables and excellent sound quality all at a reasonable price point.

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Sound Quality; Designed

The PLX has serious intent behind the design to provide the best analog audio turntable - with a rubber insulated tonearm to reduce howlng, gold plated RCA jacks, and a 9mm thick vibration dampening base plate.

Direct Drive High Torque

Thanks to its high-torque direct drive system, the PLX provides stable rotation, achieving starting torque of at least 4.5kg/cm and reaching the fixed rotation speed within just 0.3 seconds (at 33 1/3 rpm).

Industry Standard

The layout of the PLX-1000 is a standard layout with all of the expected features on a modern turntable - including range-selectable tempo controls (±8%, ±16% and ±50%).

  • Drive Method: Quartz lock servo type direct drive
  • Motor: 3-phase brushless DC motor
  • Braking System: Electronic brake
  • Rotation Speed: 33⅓ rpm, 45 rpm
  • Rotation Adjustment Range: ±8%, ±16%, ±50%
  • Wow & Flutter: 0.1% or less WRMS (JIS WTD)
  • S/N Ratio: 70 dB (DIN-B)
  • Platter: Aluminium die-casting diameter: 332 mm
  • Starting Torque: 4.5kg·cm or more
  • Start Time: 0.3 seconds (at 33⅓ rpm)
  • 1 Phono RCA
In The Box:
  • PLX-1000 turntable
  • Turntable sheet
  • Slip mat and sheet
  • Dust cover
  • Head shell
  • Balance, sub and shell weights
  • Audio cable
  • Ground wire
Size + Weight:
  • Height: 6.6" / 16.76cm
  • Width: 17.8" / 45.21cm
  • Depth: 13.9" / 35.31cm
  • Weight: 28.9lb / 13.11kg

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