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Mad Zach's Evil Lurks on a Summer Day Sound Pack

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32 sample sound pack, project file, and full song

This fully interactive music release from Mad Zach includes everything you need to play (and remix) Mad his new single, "Evil Lurks on a Summer Day."

What's included...

  1. 32 sample sound pack (2 player ready)
  2. pristine, sound-system tested sounds
  3. drums, bass, effects, one shots, atmospheres
  4. Complete Ableton Project file for deconstructing or remixing the song
  5. High Quality WAV of the song
  6. full performance routine in interactive-lesson form
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DJ TechTools is proud to offer Mad Zach's new single - "Evil Lurks on a Summer Day" in sound pack form. We've also convinced him to throw in his entire Ableton project file, so you can analyze and deconstruct the way he's turned a sound pack into a complete song.

Everything is perfectly optimized for live performance or composition right away. Your download includes two banks (32 sounds) of pristinely engineered drums, bass, leads, effects, atmospheres, and more, all in high quality 24 bit WAV form. Ableton users can play the song in sound pack form, or remix the full arrangement.

*Note* requires the plugin Rough Rider which you can download for free here:

What it sounds like

Included Controller Lesson

The song also includes a full "lesson" midi file which can be linked with your midi controller. This "lesson" file then sends messages to make the lights on your controller illuminate when you are supposed to hit that key. The color of the light tells you which finger to use. You can also slow down the tempo of the song to practice really slowly and work your way up to the full routine.

What it looks like

The original song was created along with this super cool music video, which Mad Zach created from his outpost in Berlin.

Some of the gear used:

  • Sequential Circuits Pro-One
  • DSI Mopho
  • Eurorack Modular
  • field recordings
  • guitar
  • vocals
  • Original 808 and 909 drum machines
  • an immense old vinyl collection

Within less than a minute of completing download, you'll be making dope music at the touch of your fingers, all professionally mixed so you can have a great sounding performance without ever having to touch an EQ or compressor. 


  • over 300 high quality samples 
  • sound great on large sound systems
  • professionally mixed with pro equipment
  • each pack contains sounds that work together
  • created with rare analog hardware
  • excellent curation means all the sounds in a pack work together
  • signature Mad Zach flavor

Complex macro's, internal routing, compression, side-chaining, and choke groups turn the samples into a living, breathing, creation. Grab your buddies and form an instant electronic band, or just rock out on your own and practice finger drumming. They also make a great addition to every producers toolkit.

Each pack comes loaded with:

  • drum sounds
  • one shots
  • synth tones
  • atmospheres
  • FX 

What people are saying:

"...absolutely melt face!!!" - megavoxxdub

"I love the packs, the Notorious sample is off the chain in 12. Thank you for providing such awesome paints to paint with." - Razzlesnaz

"Damn you Mad Zach!! How am I suppose to get any work done with all these amazing sound packs." - Jim

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Can I use Mad Zach's Sound Packs to make/sell my tracks?

Anything you make with these sound packs sounds is considered a remix since it's a part of an original tune the artist made, including instruments. If you use the soundpacks you must credit the creator and you cannot sell anything with it or redistribute them.

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