Keyboard Covers


Turn your keyboard into a powerful control surface

  • Ableton, Rekordbox Traktor, Serato covers
  • Shows multiple layers of shortcuts
  • Protects the keyboard from spills

Designed for Retina, Touch Bar and no Touch Bar MacBook Pros, these covers make learning the keyboard shortcuts incredibly easier for your DJ software of choice.

Compatibility: US Keyboard Layout Only

Layers of Control

These keyboard covers list not only the shortcut for the button, but also the Shift/Option/Command layers as well. Learn the secondary functions of every key on your keyboard!

Color Coded

The covers also have a basic color coding on them to make it easy to catch on or find a new command at a glance - certain color groups match up with certain decks or layers.

Protected Keys

Having an extra layer on your keyboard stops dirt, spills, dust, and grime from getting into your laptop.

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