Jesse Dean Designs Portable Tone Arm Kit


Portable Turntable Tone Arm Kit

  • FR4 fiberboard with built in LED stylus light
  • Adjustable brass counter weight
  • Includes preamp and no solder installation kit

The new JDDPTA-PCB from Jesse Dean Designs offers a substantial upgrade over the stock tone arm of your portable while keeping a sensible price.

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Built in LED

Extra light is always handy, specially when you are trying to find the exact spot to drop your stylus in a dark environment.

3 Color Options

Take customization to the next level and make an already truly unique tonearm match your style best.

Brass Counterweight

This model might be more affordable than it's bigger brother but you still get a solid brass counterweight to ensure tracking is always dialed in.

  • FR4 fiberboard with built in LED stylus light
  • ABS molded gimbal.Adjustable brass counter weight
  • Package includes preamp and easy no solder installation kit.
  • Available in red, white, and black
Works with:
  • Ortofon OM style
  • Reloop OM GT
  • Soon Shure M44-7

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