Ill Gates Performance Sound Packs Vol. 1


10 downloadable performance Soundpacks

  • Advanced programming on each pack
  • Macros for multi-hits, alternating samples, etc
  • Over 225 samples in 10 powerful packs

Ill Gates' Performance Soundpacks take simple finger drumming to the next level - with advanced multi-hits, alternating samples, and much more. Compatible with any MIDI controller, but works best with a Midi Fighter 3D!

Advanced Programming

Ill Gates is an drum rack genius - some of the advanced features include samples that change based on the length of the button press (quick tap / tap / hold), bank-change based track launching, and "round-robin" rotating pads.

Maschine + Ableton

Ill.GATES has painstakingly converted the entire packs to Maschine as well as (of course) Ableton Live. Want to use the samples in Traktor, Reason, FL Studio, or Logic? The pure WAVs are all included!

Use ANY Controller

These performance soundpacks are specially designed around the Midi Fighter 3D, but any pad controller will do the trick - including Launchpads, MPCs, and any gear with at least 16 pads.

Included Performance Packs:
Ill Gates Volume 1 includes the following packs for download:
  • 1 - The Crux (background samples, round-robin samples, loop macros)
  • 2 - Trap Happy (advanced sidechaining, multi-hit samples)
  • 3 - Rotator (round-robin samples with arpeggiators, macros to adjust arp speed, one/many sample alternators)
  • 4 - How It Is (dynamic choke groups)
  • 5 - illz Bells (round-robin samples)
  • 6 - Never Alone (includes Melodic loops)
  • 7 - Grinder
  • 8 - Orange Sky
  • 9 - In The Streets (one/many sample alternation)
  • 10 - Walk The Plank (68 samples + Special MF3D deck-changing features)
From the Creator
"These sound packs were a labor of love.

#1 through # 5 are designed to teach you as many of my programming secrets as possible, while #6 through #10 are touchable instruments made from the tracks that made my name.

Whether you use MIDI or play them with your hands you're going to love jamming on these sound packs.Fun helps nurture a healthy obsession." - Ill.Gates

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