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Legacy Products

While these controllers are long gone now they are certainly not forgotten. Acting as a cornerstone in DJ TechTools' history these devices also sparked creativity worldwide and gave a new generation of DJs and performers the right tools to express themselves. This is where we honor them.

midi fighter classic

Midi Fighter Classic

Where it all started. The original Midi Fighter revolutionized the industry with lighting fast button response, a great tactile feel when most of the industry settled with mushy clicky buttons. This is what you wanted back in the day if you wanted to take your finger drumming next level.


Midi Fighter Pro

After much exploration to find the perfect controllerist instrument, we settled on designs that combine function, strength, and playability into one powerful surface. This line consisted of the Beat Masher, Cue Master, Super Knob and XX Fader models.

midi fighter spectra

Midi Fighter Spectra

The Midi Fighter Spectra is a redesign of the legendary Midi Fighter Classic that includes brand new features like full-color ring lighting, configurable function buttons, and beautiful new top, side, and button color options.

Vestax vci 100 arcade

Vestax VCI-100 EGE/Arcade

Following the popularity of Ean's Traktor 3 mappings Vestax produced a limited run of 100 “Ean Golden” VCI-100 VCI’s. These were exclusively sold through this site with a new 1.3 firmware that enabled super knobs, fader fx and several other features that paved the way for many of digital DJing primary tools today.

Vestax vci-400 se ean golden

Vestax VCI-400 SE

Ean’s remastering of Vestax’s flagship DJ controller, what we considered the ultimate all in one controller at thte time. The Ean Golden Edition of the VCI-400 featured a complete redesign, our Chroma Caps, the craziest DJTT mapping yet, and custom firmware to make sure everything ran super tight.

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