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Mad Zach Sound Packs

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Super fun sound packs for live & studio

  • 5 deluxe volumes with 15 unique kits each
  • Ideal for finger drummers and controllerists
  • Built-in finger drumming lessons with each pack on Vol.5

These Packs are compatible with any MIDI controller with a grid of buttons, including Midi Fighter, Traktor F1, Launchpad, Ableton Push, Maschine, etc. This is a digital product (no shipping required).

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Volume 5 - Features

  • 15 sound packs - containing over 350 uniquely crafted sounds
  • Ported and mapped for Ableton, Maschine, Traktor Remix Decks, and Kontakt
  • Video finger drumming lesson loops for Ableton with each pack
  • Easy to set up and get started
  • All packs can be played for free using the Ableton Trial
  • Separate Ableton projects for warped and unwarped versions of each pack
  • Backwards compatible to Ableton version 9.2.3
  • Consistent layout across each pack makes them approachable and fun to play
  • Each pack contains sounds that work together to form a unique musical idea
  • BASS - all the packs sound great on large sound systems and are sure to rumble your sub
  • Professionally mixed with high quality equipment and trained ears
  • Created with rare and exceptional analog hardware
  • Signature Mad Zach tone :)
  • High quality 24 bit WAV's
  • 2.75 GB digital download

What's inside a Mad Zach Sound Pack?

At their core, these packs were designed to be amazingly fun. Get lost for endless hours in the musical world of the packs, without having to program a thing. Each pack holds a complete song idea, but is also open to interpretation, so really it’s more like a song world. Tempo can bend, sounds shifted. You won’t be able to pull yourself away.

Learn To Finger Drum With The Included Video Lessons

Each pack Volume 5 also comes with a video lesson built into the Ableton project. Watch an overhead shot of Mad Zach’s hands playing, and loop different sections as he works through a range of unique beats with each pack. Slow down the master tempo and the video/audio/leds will slow down too, which makes learning to finger drum way easier ...and if you have an LED equipped midi controller, the midi clips will even light up your controller to show you when to play what! Download the Ableton Trial here and you'll be able to play sound packs forever, even once the trial ends

Truly Inspired Sound Design

The newest volume represents a new echelon of audio quality and character. Designed using a vast range of high quality analog equipment and outboard gear, these are not your average samples… they were crafted over years of “going deep” in the Mad Lab, and you can hear the attention to detail in every sound. You’ll find nothing but rich tone, warmth, punch, depth and character. The sounds range from drums, basses, synths, atmospheres, risers, effects, and beyond. Volume 5 contains over 350 uniquely crafted one-shots to inspire, and fuel great ideas.

The QWERTY Drummer

No MIDI controller? No problem! Inside Volume 5 you’ll find an application called “QWERTY Drummer” (Mac-only) which allows you to play the sound packs on your computer keyboard (using any version Ableton Live). No software? No problem! Download an Ableton trial and you'll be able to play the packs forever, even after the trial ends. Zach designed the QWERTY drummer to make finger drumming ergonomic and fun for those who don't have a midi controller!

What can you do with a Mad Zach Sound Pack?

Use your favorite controller

All the packs work perfectly with any grid based MIDI controller. Most are designed specifically for a 4X4 grid but a few feature 32 sounds and are optimized for two grids of 4X4 or something like a Launchpad/Push. That means Midi Fighter, Launchpad, Push, Maschine, basically anything with buttons, you get the picture.

Play with any software

We've made sure each pack in the new volume works perfectly with Ableton, Maschine, and Kontakt... but even if you don’t have music software already, you can download the free Ableton Trial version and load the packs with confidence, for endless jamming.

Jam with friends

Of course, sound packs are a blast by yourself, but grab a friend or two and just see what happens. Music was meant to be played together! Our favorite way to jam is to put one person on drums and another on bass/fx. We’ve even seen a few 4 person 1 launchpad jams which blew us away.

Mix and match

Each of the packs are labeled by key/tempo, and with 500mb of high quality sounds, it’s a breeze to mix and match the sounds to create your own remix packs. Grab a bass from one, a drum from another, start ripping. Its also great fun to throw the one-shots in their own samplers and turn them into instruments!

Play Live

“After nearly 2 years of gigging with the last batch of sound packs, I really wanted to dial into what makes a pack fun and functional in a live setting. In creating volume 5, I applied what I learned to make sure each pack is an absolute live performance weapon :)” - Mad Zach

Be a part of a movement of finger drummers

When you play a Mad Zach Sound Pack, you’ll be joining a global community of sound pack players, musicians, sound designers, and producers. Help plot the course of the future of electronic music performance.

File Formats:
    Mad Zach Sound Packs Volume 1
  • Includes Ableton Packs & WAV
  • 625 MB digital download
  • Mad Zach Sound Packs Volume 2
  • Includes Ableton Packs & WAV
  • 1.2 GB digital download
  • Mad Zach Sound Packs Volume 3
  • Includes Ableton Packs, Traktor Remix Deck Sets, and WAV
  • ~800MB digital download
  • Mad Zach Sound Packs Volume 4
  • Includes Ableton Packs, Maschine Kits, Traktor Remix Deck Sets, and WAV
  • 1.53 GB digital download
  • Mad Zach Sound Packs Volume 5
  • Includes Ableton Packs, Maschine Kits, Kontakt kits
  • 2.75 GB digital download
Every Pack Includes:
  • Drums
  • One shots
  • Bass
  • Synths
  • Atmospheres
  • FX
Very Compatible With:
  • All DJTT Midi Fighters such as the 3D
  • Native Instruments Maschine
  • Novation Launchpad
  • Akai's MPD, MPC series
  • Ableton Push & Push 2
  • M-Audio Trigger Finger
  • All other button grid controllers (pretty much anything with at least a 4X4 grid!)
  • In Volume 5, two packs ("prince of darkness" and "sentient being") contain a M4L device "Envelope." However, M4L is not required to use them, just delete the device.
  • Having issues with the tutorial videos? Head over here to fix them

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Can I use Mad Zach's Sound Packs to make/sell my tracks?

Anything you make with these sound packs sounds is considered a remix since it's a part of an original tune the artist made, including instruments. If you use the soundpacks you must credit the creator and you cannot sell anything with it or redistribute them.

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