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Korg Volca Sample

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Digital Sample Sequencer

  • Record and upload samples via iOS app
  • Powerful Analog Isolator and Reverb
  • Intuitive Volca sequencer for arranging

The Volca Sample lets you edit + sequence up to 100 sample sounds in real time. Any sound (vocals, spoken words, ambient sound, or glitches) becomes material for your creations!

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Isolate and Sync

The Sample's isolator is a powerful analogue two-knob sample-sculpting master - very fun to play with. Make sure all of your samples are in sync - MIDI in for triggering, sync, and parameter changes from any MIDI device.

Step Sequence

The sequencer is fun and easy, and can record and play back up to 11 different parameters. Insert and remove steps, and easily add swing for serious grooves.

Record + Manage

Record, manage, and download samples from the dedicated iOS app. Song mode allows more dynamic performances, reverse function plays sampled sounds backwards.

Size + Weight:
  • Height: 1.78" / 4.52cm"
  • Width: 7.61" / 19.33cm"
  • Depth: 4.54" / 11.53cm"
  • Weight: 0.82lb / 0.37kg"

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Dave E.

Korg Volca Sample

I kept holding off on the volca line because of feedback from my friends regarding sounds and flexibility. Sitting down with the Volca Sample is as intuitive as things were when I first sat down with an Electribe ESX-1, and my friend Jason commented "wow, it's like you've had one of these before." The workflow is pretty intuitive if you watch the walkthrough videos, and even if you don't, the labels do a lot of the heavy lifting helping you get going. Excited to have the capacity to load my own sounds in, but the factory sounds offer a lot of possibilities out of the box. I'd love for the phrasings of the sequences to be extendable (32/64 length sort of thing) but I'll take the song-style sequencing for a low-priced, powerful, and otherwise brilliant piece of kit.

Pete S.

Korg Volca Sample

Among the Korg Volca line of very compact, inexpensive, extremely powerful and capable step sequencers, this unit stands apart from the other three in a seperate class. The Volca Sample allows the user to choose from a stock library of 100 or so samples, and since no producer can just "stick with stock," and Korg knows this, they have included the ability to download additional software to upload you own sample files in high quality .WAV format to the device. This makes the Volca Sample a pure powerhouse in custom DJ production. You could, for example, load all of the samples from a now extinct synth, or of course: make your own sounds from scratch to use in any combination or all of the sequencer steps. The other variables that come with the Volca, ready to tweak are world class Korg filters and despite the size and price- all of these features make this Volca anything but a novelty or toy. This is a professional production tool to be sure. To top itall off, Korg publishes the schematics for their Volcas and even prints common soldering points on the circuit board, ready to mod for those not afraid to solder a little bit and further expand the Volca capabilities. I have given all my Volcas MIDI OUT with DI?N sockets or via USB, as well as other Volca model specific mods. The Sample, and all of the Volcas are totally worth their price, and then some. They are UNDER priced, IMO. NOT owning a Volca or two or four is a crime once you embrace all they can do.

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