Midi Fighter Twister


Flexible MIDI control for all creative uses

  • 16 high resolution Chroma Cap encoders
  • Integrated push switches on every knob
  • Full LED feedback that syncs with software

With four banks of 16 encoders, Twister allows control of any parameter in any software.

Complete Control

Four banks of 16 high-resolution encoders with a configurable button on every knob. Little space, lots of control.

Dynamic LED Feedback

Multi colored LED rings that provide clear feedback on a knob's position. Always know what's happening without getting lost in the software.

Easy to Integrate

Compact and completely USB-powered, the Midi Fighter Twister is easy to fit into any gear bag and integrate into every work flow.

The Twister features 16 endless encoders without any end points that provide un paralleled flexibility. Each knobs position is dynamically shown by LED multi-color rings, so you can seamlessly switch between banks, effects, plug-ins and synths. Control your entire rig from a single device, while everything stays perfectly in sync visually. Always know what is actually happening in your music.

"Wish I had purchased this when I first began to learn Ableton Live. Makes creating on Live even more intuitive and fun. Excellent product!" James Gardner - July 17, 2017

We have built 5 exclusive MIDI features designed for producers and live performers that will double your control surface.

  1. CC Toggle - Push down the knob to turn an effect on and off, like an EQ for instance.
  2. DJ Filter - A 1-knob DJ Filter.& Great for pan or a combined low pass high pass filter.
  3. Push to Reset - Push down the knob to reset encoder value. Great for filters and master effects.
  4. Encoder Fine Adjust - Normally the knob controls a wide MIDI range. Push and hold a knob to enable super fine control. Great for EQ or synths.
  5. Shift Encoder Hold - 2 knobs in one. A knob twist will send one midi message. While pressing down a knob, the same knob will send a separate midi message.

Every succesfull producer in the world has personalized their workflow to make amazing music. Your controller should allow the same. Combine The Twisters flexible encoders with an Ableton Template so that every time you have an amazing idea, a powerful studio environment is there to support you.

"I use it for everything now from controlling my effects to my soft synths. With four banks of precise rotaries and push buttons this is my new favorite. Being able to edit multiple controllers in a bank also makes customizing a breeze..." Edward - Twister Customer"

We spared no expense in sourcing the best endless encoders from the world famous ALPS company that are suitable for live performance and studio work. The twister's knobs have a silky feel that is completely unique and will not be found in any other knob - because they are custom made for us!

"I have a new favorite controller. I love new gear and have amassed quite the collection of controllers ranging from very affordable to fairly expensive. I was originally a bit hesitant at the price of the Midi Fighter Twister, but I'm so glad I went for it. This is my new go-to controller. Since it's essentially both buttons AND knobs, it can do virtually anything. If you haven't added this to your music arsenal yet, you're missing a vital weapon of creativity." Eric - February 18, 2017

The controller is used a lot for DJ effects. For example: Twisted Gratification unlocks 16 combo-effects in Traktor enabling Richie Hawtin and Dubfire style effects with the single turn of a knob. A release-all knob turns off all effects with an echo in just one press.

The Twister is equipped with some very special PUSH encoders that allow turn control with a built in button. This doubles your control surface and

Midi Fighters only ship with a Utility to set them up and handle firmware changes. Most people use them with Ableton or Traktor but they will work with any software that handles MIDI messages. For detailed information on how to setup your new Twister click here


The Midi Fighter Utility is an essential tool for configuring and updating your Midi Fighter and you don't need to keep it running while performing with your Midi Fighter.

  • Mac OS X (Requires OS X 10.7 or newer)
  • Windows (Requires Windows Vista 32/64 or newer)
User Setup Guides
Awesome mappings are available for the Midi Fighter Twister, including:

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