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Midi Fighter Twister

156 Reviews
In stock & ready to ship!

Flexible MIDI control for all creative uses

  • 16 high resolution Chroma Cap encoders
  • Integrated push switches on every knob
  • Full LED feedback that syncs with software

With four banks of 16 encoders, Twister allows control of any parameter in any software.

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Professional Grade MIDI Controller For Music Software

Professional musicians use MIDI controllers so they don’t waste creative time clicking a mouse. The Midi Fighter Twister is one of the most popular MIDI controllers available and works great with Ableton,Traktor, Resolume and all other software that support MIDI.

  • Provides valuable visual feedback - You know what’s happening in the software.
  • Plug and play - Works out of the box without any power supply.
  • Professional Grade - Trusted on stage and studio by the best in the world.

Why Musicians Swear By The Midi Fighter Twister

Touring artists around the world including Satori, Weval and KINK rely on the Midi Fighter every night to play their music. Why do so many choose the Twister?

  • Custom map your set - Unlike other controllers, you can map Ableton to the Twister in the way that’s most intuitive for you.
  • Keep the laptop to the side with visual feedback - The Twister provides visual feedback for how knobs and sliders are positioned in Ableton, allowing you to keep the laptop off to the side.
  • Control your entire set with 16 knobs - The Twister provides an enormous amount of control over your set with 16 knob in a small format.

Double The Controls

Four banks of 16 high-resolution encoders with a configurable button on every knob. Small space, lots of control.

Dynamic LED Feedback

Multi colored LED rings that provide clear feedback on a knob's position. Always know what's happening without getting lost in the software.

Rock Solid Construction

Built with the highest quality parts in the world, the Midi Fighter has been built to play hard by professional musicians and DJs.

More Control - Less Gear

Alps (the most trusted maker of knobs) built custom knobs for the Twister that are smooth as butter and can be pressed like a button. The only ones on the planet,  these two controls double your creation power, and makes it easy to play music without thinking.

  • Turn on an effect, and control it - with the same knob.
  • Get very precise - Pressing the knob can switch to high resolution mode for precise EQ adjustments.
  • Two knobs in one - Start by turning up the reverb, and then hold down the knob and that same turn can now control a filter.

Deep Customization

The easy to use utility allows you to customize what each knob/button does for totally personalized control.

Three In One

On the Twister one knob can equal up to three controls, giving you a lot of power in a small space.

Automatic Mapping

On Mac computers the Twister will automatically turn any knob you select with your cursor. No more mapping hassles.

The mixing board in your backpack

  • Small enough to fit next to your laptop on an airplane
  • No power adapter required
  • Powerful enough to perform on the road, and produce music at home

Even though it’s smaller than a book, the Midi Fighter Twister has enough power to run an entire Ableton Session. Scroll through pages of clips, and switch between different effects seamlessly as the dynamic LEDS respond in real time.

Why Is An Endless Encoder So Powerful For Music Making?

The “Endless Encoder” is a knob that keeps turning forever without any clicks or stops. This allows one knob to control ANYTHING in your software, from filters to tempo.

Always In Sync

Adjust a knob in Ableton, and the encoder will instantly update to reflect the change. Only endless encoders can do this.

Your Versitile Friend

Each encoder can be three different styles of knob, and is always there for you when you need it.

16 Encoders = 64 knobs

Because encoders change postition as you switch pages (unlike fixed knobs) you actually get 64 controls in one tiny space.

Key Features:
  • 16 high resolution encoders with integrated push switch and LED feedback
  • 6 side mounted function keys
  • Highly portable form factor
  • USB bus powered - no wall adapter required
Artists Are Saying:

"The Midi Fighter Twister is exactly what was missing from the world of CC based controllers. The push encoders are the perfect nexus of button and knob, cleverly programmable and designed with the level of quality and polish characteristic of DJ Tech Tools." - Ill Gates

"The MF Twister has fast become my trusted go-to controller for encoders. It soars above the competition in terms of quality, versatility, and portability. Everyone needs a good set of knobs, and the Twister delivers." - Mad Zach

Size + Weight:
  • Height: 6" / 15.24cm
  • Width: 6" / 15.24cm
  • Depth: 2.3" / 5.84cm

Need help getting started with your Midi Fighter Twister? Learn it inside out by following this link.

Please visit our support page for technical and order support. Or check out our forums and join our community discussion.

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David G.
United States United States
  • What do you use your Midi Fighter Twister for? Music Production

worth the money

I wanted lots of knobs and thats what I got. Beautiful feel, great LEDs. Haven't begun to exploit the full functionality yet. Seems robustly made. Its replacing a Berhinger BCR that finally gave up the ghost. Works great mapped to Studio One. Received it in 1 day cross country with the least expensive shipping option.

matthew a.
United States United States
  • What do you use your Midi Fighter Twister for? Music Production

Midifighter twister: mixed bag

My first impression getting the MFT out of the package and booting it up is that it’s a quality piece of kit. It’s built like a brick house. The rubber case and side buttons feel amazing, the lights are nice and flush with the surface and there’s absolutely no give to the encoders. The right angle USB cord included was also a very thoughtful touch. 11 LEDs per encoder is an interesting choice as you can’t divide 3 or 4 into 10. (That is the values that fall directly on an LED are awkward) BUT it’s really helpful to have the mode where the value is antialiased. Another VERY positive trait is that there’s no extra junky model buttons in the margin of top surface. With grid style controllers this is useful if you want to expand. I could absolutely see buying 3 more to have a 16x4 grid. Most companies seem to want pack “extras” onto the surface totally killing the grid. Software wise, I’m finding the MFT to be passable but subpar for a power user such as myself. The helper software is fairly cumbersome (hand clicking 16 encoders to edit them all!? C’mon!) Also the options for the encoders are fairly limited. For instance you can set the push buttons to zero the encoder values but no other value (like 64 for bipolar parameters) My real complaint so far is the MIDI input Implementation. One would expect a box with a super blank and flexible design to have a midi implementation amenable to a little hacking to create alternative applications. Like, if you’re not going to make the prepackaged options super flexible, then at least give a programmer the ability to take over the LEDs and receive raw data. Unfortunately the apparent path to this was for DJTT to open source the (poorly documented) firmware which relies on a paid Windows only IDE. Not cool. So in the end if you’re looking of 16 knobs to really just be 16 knobs (with 4 banks) this is a superb unit. On the other hand if you see it as something like a take on the monome which prides itself on being wide open to an array of applications and strategies, it may not be the solution you’d hoped for. It definitely leaves out anyone like a MaxMSP user. One last issue: it’s not quite as responsive as you’d hope. This looks like it’s partly software but also seems to be using quite a few shift registers internally? It definitely isn’t laggy and ****** feeling like a novation piece of gear. It feels responsive but doesn’t quite have that immediacy you hope for ina control surface. There’s probably some flexibility in the firmware since these are endless encoders posing as rotary encoders. Speaking of which, a decent addition might be tactile feed back since there’s no detents or boundaries to the knob. Overall I’d give it 7/10. It’s what it looks like: 16 knobs. It’s not waiting for you to come a long and define it. The software definitely makes me think of DJ gear which really likes to be application specific whereas the hardware looks and feels more apple-y in that it’s a purposely open and as minimalist as necessary while still being open to creative use cases

José A.
Mexico Mexico
  • What do you use your Midi Fighter Twister for? Other

You are cool guys.

All cool, you cool, coolness and cool the midi fighter twister.

José Agustín Ayala Sandoval verified customer review of Midi Fighter Twister
Andy .
United States United States
  • What do you use your Midi Fighter Twister for? DJing

Twisted Gratification Beats Standard Effects controls any day

great tool for effects triggering. Solid product looks like it will survive a nuclear war. Thank you!

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