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Midi Fighter Twister

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Control MIDI flexible para todos los usos creativos

  • 16 perillas sin fin de alta resolución
  • Botones integrados en cada perilla
  • Luces LED que se sincroniza con tu software

Con cuatro bancos de 16 perillas, el Midi Fighter Twister te permite controlar cualquier parámetro en cualquier software. Puedes personalizarlo fácilmente para adaptarlo a tus configuraciones favoritas, lo que le brinda un flujo de trabajo creativo e intuitivo.

¿Qué es un Twister B-Stock?

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Control completo

Cuatro bancos de 16 codificadores de alta resolución con un botón configurable en cada perilla. Poco espacio, mucho control.

Retroalimentación LED dinámica

Anillos LED multicolores que brindan información clara sobre la posición de una perilla. Siempre sepa lo que está sucediendo sin perderse en el software.

Fácil de integrar

Compacto y completamente alimentado por USB, el Midi Fighter Twister es fácil de colocar en cualquier bolsa de equipo e integrar en cada flujo de trabajo.

Personalización profunda

La utilidad fácil de usar le permite personalizar lo que hace cada perilla/botón para un control totalmente personalizado.

Tres en uno

En el Twister, una perilla puede equivaler a tres controles, lo que le brinda mucha potencia en un espacio pequeño.

Mapeo Automático

En las computadoras Mac, el Twister girará automáticamente cualquier perilla que seleccione con el cursor. No más problemas de mapeo.

Siempre sincronizado

Ajuste una perilla en Ableton y el codificador se actualizará instantáneamente para reflejar el cambio. Solo los codificadores sin fin pueden hacer esto.

Tu amigo versátil

Cada codificador puede ser de tres estilos diferentes de mando, y siempre está ahí para ti cuando lo necesites.

16 codificadores = 64 perillas

Debido a que los codificadores cambian de posición a medida que cambia de página (a diferencia de las perillas fijas), en realidad obtiene 64 controles en un espacio pequeño.

What Makes The Twister Great?

  • Perfect studio addition for any level producer or musician
  • Out-of-the-box compatible with ALL major music software
  • Great for DJs that want to expand their setup and get creative
  • Fully customizable!

Professional Grade MIDI Controller For Music Software

Professional musicians use MIDI controllers so they don’t waste creative time clicking a mouse. The Midi Fighter Twister is one of the most popular MIDI controllers available and works great with Ableton,Traktor, Resolume and all other software that support MIDI Input and Output.

  • Provides valuable visual feedback - You know what’s happening in the software.
  • Plug and play - Works out of the box without any power supply.
  • Professional Grade - Trusted on stage and studio by the best in the world.

Why Musicians Swear By The Midi Fighter Twister

Touring artists around the world including Satori, Weval and KINK rely on the Midi Fighter every night to play their music. Why do so many choose the Twister?

  • Custom map your set - Unlike other controllers, you can map Ableton to the Twister in the way that’s most intuitive for you.
  • Keep the laptop to the side with visual feedback - The Twister provides visual feedback for how knobs and sliders are positioned in Ableton, allowing you to keep the laptop off to the side.
  • Control your entire set with 16 knobs - The Twister provides an enormous amount of control over your set with 16 knob in a small format.

More Control - Less Gear

Alps (the most trusted maker of knobs) built custom knobs for the Twister that are smooth as butter and can be pressed like a button. The only ones on the planet,  these two controls double your creation power, and makes it easy to play music without thinking.

  • Turn on an effect, and control it - with the same knob.
  • Get very precise - Pressing the knob can switch to high resolution mode for precise EQ adjustments.
  • Two knobs in one - Start by turning up the reverb, and then hold down the knob and that same turn can now control a filter.

The mixing board in your backpack

  • Small enough to fit next to your laptop on an airplane
  • No power adapter required
  • Powerful enough to perform on the road, and produce music at home

Even though it’s smaller than a book, the Midi Fighter Twister has enough power to run an entire Ableton Session. Scroll through pages of clips, and switch between different effects seamlessly as the dynamic LEDS respond in real time.

Why Is An Endless Encoder So Powerful For Music Making?

The “Endless Encoder” is a knob that keeps turning forever without any clicks or stops. This allows one knob to control ANYTHING in your software, from filters to tempo.

Características clave

  • 16 perillas de alta resolución con botones y Luces RGB integrados
  • 6 botones laterales
  • Diseño cómodo y portable
  • Alimentación por USB - no es necesario enchufar a la pared
  • Conector USB 2.0 Type B (cable incluído)

Lo que dicen los artistas

"El Midi Fighter Twister es exactamente lo que faltaba en el mundo de los controladores basados ​​en CC. Las perillas con sus botones integrados son el nexo perfecto entre el botón y la perilla, inteligentemente programables y diseñados con el nivel de calidad y pulido característico de DJ TechTools". - Ill Gates

"El MF Twister se ha convertido rápidamente en mi controlador de confianza para codificadores. Se eleva por encima de la competencia en términos de calidad, versatilidad y portabilidad. Todo el mundo necesita un buen juego de perillas, y el Twister lo cumple". - Mad Zach

Compatible Software

  • Ableton Live
  • Class Compliant
  • FL Studio
  • Pro Tools
  • Rekordbox
  • Serato DJ
  • Traktor Pro
  • Virtual DJ

Size & Weight

  • Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 2.3 In / 15.24 x 15.24 x 5.08 cm
  • Weight: 2.0 lb / 0.907 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 342 reviews
Complete nonsense

Pressing the encoders doesn't send midi data, manual is not available, cannot connect to my computer that only has usb c port with an adapter

Brian H.
Constant spam despite unsubscribes

Don't buy direct from DJTech Tools, non-stop spam despite repeated unsubscribes

Ø [.
Serato compatability is iffy at best. Ancient documentation.

I'm no stranger to modding XML files for Serato. I've done tons of stuff on Push 2, APC40 mk2, Traktor (F1, X1, Z1, 2), tons of Pioneer gear, Denon gear, Rane gear, Roland gear, Reloop, and more. However, this device doesn't seem to hold settings and/or doesn't communicate with Serato properly. For example, I can map out stems, including modifiers, to handle the software, but the RGB does not correspond if the command is sent from either the mixer or the software. Additionally, the same XML file that works for handling various functions will work... sometimes.... That is, I may need to unplug/replug the Twister, then restore midi defaults on Serato, then reload the XML... often multiple times... to get the Twister to work. Not using a hub. Not changing the XML. Everything else works fine, and works every single time. Only the Twister that is just randomly failing. As a touring professional, it's to the point that I've removed it from my live performance setup because it's simply unreliable. I hate to say that. I've been a long time DJTT customer, and will be in the future - just not for their home designed products until they have better support and documentation.

clair l.
great controller

Worked great out of the box

Michael P.
Fantastic controller!

I play keys in two bands - I have two keyboard controllers at the rehearsal spots for each band, plus my home rig. So six controllers, each a different make/model. I use Gig Performer to manage the various VST instruments for each rig. While Gig Performer does allow me to map each controller's faders and buttons to the various parameters I want to change during a performance, having a single controller located at the same place in each rig and with consistent feel and performance has really helped. The Fighter Twister is exactly what I needed! Nice build quality and all the control options I need.


Need help getting started with your Midi Fighter Twister? Learn it inside out by following this link.

Please visit our support page for technical and order support. Or check out our forums and join our community discussion.

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