Sennheiser HD 7 DJ Headphones


Designed for use in live DJ applications

  • Elliptical, closed-back design for comfort
  • Very high SPL - up to 115 db
  • Swiveling ear cups rotate up to 210º

These Sennheiser DJ headphones represent the next-generation of DJ headphones for the company - bringing many of the innovations from older headphones like high noise isolation and powerful SPL.

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Comfortable + Loud

Elliptical, circumaural (over ear) closed back design delivers maximum comfort while isolating ambient noise in the loudest of listening environments. High SPL capability (115dB) and ambient noise isolation insures a perfect mix in any environment.

Made To Last

Many critical components are machined from metal that contribute to superb audio performance while providing legendary Sennheiser reliability and durability. There's a two year warranty just in case they do end up having issues!

Keep Them Safe

The HD7s come with a fantastic protective case, as well as two different cables (can plug into EITHER earphone) both coiled and straight at 3m.

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