Rhythm Effects

This section allows DJs to access five beat matched audio effects alongside a four-beat sequencer that includes overdubbing. Tap the Signal Flow button and the Scene Effects can be applied overtop of Rhythm Effects.


Pressure Knob Control

New on the RMX-500 is a knob that lets you add an additional layer of control on top of the effect or sample currently being triggered. Both of the large knobs on the 500 have pressure control!


Scene Effects

The effects that Pioneer has brought to the RMX-500 represent over 15 years of experience putting effects into DJ mixers. With noise, reverb, and echo builds and breakdowns at your fingertips, your mixes have a whole new layer of awesome.

Technical Details


Rhythm Audio Effects: Roll, Trans, Add, Rev Delay, Offset
Rhythm Overdub Instruments: Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi Hat, Cymbal (6 variation)
Scene Effects (Build Up): MOD, ECHO, SPIRAL UP, REVERB UP(2 variation each), NOISE(4 variation)
Scene Effects (Break Down): HPF, LPF, ZIP, SPIRAL DOWN, REVERB DOWN (2 variation each)

Audo, Inputs/Ouputs:

Sampling rate: 48kHz
A/D, D/A converter resolution: 24-bit
Sampling rate: 48 kHz 
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
S/N ratio: 96dB
Input ports: RCA x 1
Output ports: RCA x 1, Stereo phones jack (1/4")
Other ports: USB B port x 1

Size and Weight:

Weight: 2.86lbs
Dimensions: 12.05"(W) x 5.20"(D) x 2.64"(H)

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