Korg Volca FM


Digital FM Synthesizer

  • 3 voices (6 operators)
  • Pattern Chain (for longer rhythms)
  • Powerful Arpeggiator

Portable Digital FM Synthesizer, 3-voices polyphony, Step-Sequencer with 16 Steps, arpeggiator and Pattern Chain.

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Powerful & Portable

Atop a multi touch keyboard is a 3 voice, 6 operator (32 algorithms) FM synth with lots of control including: 3 voice modes (Poly, mono, unison), 16 pattern memory, pattern chain, a chorus effect, and 10 hours battery life. You can even load vintage patches!


The sequencer now includes WARP ACTIVE STEP and PATTERN CHAI which lets you create longer patterns, up to 256 steps.


9 (each 3 patterns of "Rise", "Fall", and "Random"). Use the arp combined with the octave fader for amazing results.

Size + Weight:
  • Height: 1.78" / 4.52cm"
  • Width: 7.61" / 19.33cm"
  • Depth: 4.54" / 11.53cm"
  • Weight: 0.82lb / 0.37kg"

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