Denon SC5000 + X1800 Prime Bundle


The new club standard

  • Dual-layer playback with individual outputs
  • 24-bit/96kHz Dual USB audio interfaces
  • Built-in FX and Send/Return Connectivity

Take your DJ setup to the next level with Denon's ultimate Prime setup, made to challenge the status quo with innovative features such as in deck track artwork, dual-layer capability per deck and ultra-high quality audio.

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Dual Deck Playback

The SC5000’s unique dual-deck playback facility makes the unit literally ‘2-decks-in-1,’ and with dedicated outputs for each layer, brings you imagination-driven, music playback possibilities with the ultimate in sonic and mix control.

Performance Ready

Unique on the SC5000 is its bank of eight multifunction trigger pads that deliver unprecedented creative expression for your hot-cues, loops, slices and roll playback – all safely locked down by the SC5000’s insanely accurate beatgrid analysis.

Plug-in, Play!

LAN network connects Denon DJ’s SC5000 media players using the ‘Engine Connect’ protocol to align your tempo-based FX with even more accuracy and on-the-fly performance expression.

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