Arcade Buttons

by Sanwa

High performance Sanwa arcade buttons from Japan

  • Sanwa OBSC-24 Japanese Arcade Buttons
  • The gold standard for finger drumming
  • Clear rings to let LEDs shine through

These are high performance Sanwa OBSF-24 buttons direct from Japan. They are the same type used in the top Japanese arcade games, the legendary VCI-100 arcade, and our Midi-Fighter product line. Don’t let your buttons stop you from FEELING the music. Try an arcade button for yourself and feel the difference

Great With LEDs

These buttons make it easy to create eye popping lightshows. In our Midi Fighters, we actually place two LEDs under each arcade button so lightshows look extra great. Light up the night.

Super Responsive

These buttons use the ultra sensitive SW-68 microswitch, offering industry leading latency and an incredible feel. It's the only button for the serious finger drummer. They bounce back like a real drum for ultra fast playback, easy triplets & rapid drum rolls.

Crazy Durable

These button were forged in hell: made for non-stop, 24/7 button-mashing in busy arcades. Unlike your average controller button, Sanwa's are built like tanks. Rated at 5 million presses it will easily outlive anything else out there.

Key Features:
  • Rated to Last 5 million presses
  • Full 1mm of Travel
  • Bounces back like a real drum
  • Ball bearing contacts work every time
  • Clear Audible feedback
  • Ultra low latency (industry leading, due to unique button design)
  • Made in Japan
  • Button Size: 24mm
  • Model: OBSC-24
  • Mounting Type: Snap-in
  • Contact Type: Momentary NO

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