Pro Sound

Dual 96 kHz/24-bit sound cards are built into the mixer, with a 32-bit D/A converter and improved digital out to really give the best possible sound for high-end CDJs. FLAC and ALAC support included on players so your mixes sound full on the dance-floor.


FX Animal

DJM-900NXS2 now boasts the most complete on-board FX section of any mixer with enhancements to the Sound Colour FX section, Beat FX and the all new independent Send/Return and choose which frequency range you want to apply FX to.


Play Anywhere

The Nexus 2 gear has become the accepted industry standard deck in DJ booths around the world - from Boiler Room to Fabric to Space, this is what many professional DJs are using to craft mixes that get heard by millions.

Technical Details


  • Better Sound: A 96 kHz/24-bit sound card is built into the unit, with a 32-bit D/A converter and improved digital out to really give the best possible sound for this high-end CDJ. They’ve even separated the power supply to reduce noise issues.
  • Better Sound File Support: FLAC and ALAC support, at last!

CDJ-2000NXS2's new color touch screen showing Track Filter

  • Color Touch Screen: a 7-inch touch screen like on the XDJ-1000s. You can use it to trigger a new track filter mod to filter by metadata, type in a search on the QWERTY keyboard, and more.
  • 8 Color Coded Hot Cues: They’ve increased the Hot Cue section to four buttons (two banks) and color-coded them to match what you have set up in Rekordbox. They can also be named in Rekordbox!


  • MIDI control: Finally the DDJ-SP1 has a use in a pro setup – it can be connected to a CDJ setup to control up to 4 CDJ-2000NXS2s with Pro DJ Link activated. This means quicker cue, loop, slip, and browsing  and MUCH BETTER pads to play cue points with than CDJ users have ever had. Now all we need is Midi Fighter support…..
  • Fractional Quantize: allowing you to change what level of beat quantization you use – between 1/8, 1/4, 1/2
  • Pro DJ Link Update: An improved Phase Meter with two modes, beatgrids now accurate to the microsecond, and a quantized beat jump. The press release only mentions beat jump for 1 beat forward or backward – we’re hoping this isn’t the case and that 4/8/16/32 are also options.
  • Rekordbox DJ HID control: coming soon
  • 3 position playback lever: Slip Reverse, Forward, Reverse


  • Simplified Pro DJ Link Connection: Plug a single USB cable into the setup and you can access all of the CDJs and mixers.


  • Better onboard digital sound: a 64-bit mixing processor, enhanced dithering technology, and a low-jitter clock – all deliver a warm, natural analog sound. There’s a 96 kHz/24-bit sound card and direct digital connection, as well as a new power supply designed to eliminate noise.
  • Improved analog input: Pioneer has a new phono amp circuit, plus a new signal GND terminal to easily attach ground wires from analog turntables.


  • EQ, Fader, Clip control improvements: Improved channel fader curves: the three curves have been fine-tuned for more precision and control, while the EQ curves now have more precision across the highs, mids and lows. There’s a more accurate clip indicator, paired with a redesigned gain structure ensures meters don’t go into the red too early.


  • An independent Send/Return FX loop – you no longer need to use up Beat FX to send and return an external effector. This makes a lot of sense when using something like the RMX series. Can be used with 1/4″ jacks or via USB, and brought back into the mixer as insert FX or as AUX input. InterApp support means you can use FX/Instrument apps on your iPad – for example the virtual RMX-1000 app.
  • 6 Sound Color FX: New Sweep: replaces Gate/Comp. A new parameter knob alters different parameters for each effect, and the Sound Color FX have bigger knobs for more fine control.
  • 14 Beat FX: New FX: Ping Pong, Vinyl Brake, Helix, Pitch, improved Reverb; Bigger X-Pad with OLED screen.


  • Beat FX Applied To Low/Mid/Highs: three buttons allow you to select what frequency range to apply these effects to.
  • New I/O: Two USB ports, 4 Phono Inputs (meaning there will be no DJM-900SRT2), and DVS support
  • Better build quality: The new Magvel Fader (as seen on the DJM-S9 mixer) is a highly responsive magnetic crossfader designed for smooth operation and superb durability. There’s also Gold-plated RCAs on the rear of the mixer.
  • 2 headphone plugs: ¼-inch stereo jack and 3.5mm MiniPin

Audio Specs:

  • Frequency range: 4Hz - 40kHz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 115dB or higher
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0018% or less
  • DSP: 64 bit
  • Frequency Range: 20 - 40,000 Hz
  • Sampling Rate: 96 kHz
  • A/D Converter: 24 bit
  • D/A Converter: 32 bit
  • S/N Ratio Line: 105 dB
  • S/N Ratio Phono: 88 dB
  • S/N Ratio Mic: 79 dB
  • Distortion: < 0.005 % (LINE)


  • USB Ports: USB-A port x1, USB-B port x1
  • Audio Output Ports: AUDIO OUT(RCA)×1, DIGITAL OUT (COAXIAL)×1
  • Other Ports: LAN (100Base-TX)×1
  • USB Ports: 2 USB B + 1 USB A ports
  • Inputs: 4 Digital (Coaxial), 4 CD/LINE (Gold Plated RCA), 4 PHONO (Gold Plated RCA) & 2 MIC (XLR/TRS Jack Combo, 1/4 inch TRS Jack)
  • Outputs:  2 MASTER (XLR, Gold Plated RCA), 1 BOOTH (1/4 inch TRS Jack), 1 HEADPHONE MONITOR (1/4 inch Jack), 1 REC (Gold Plated RCA) & 1 Digital (Coaxial)
  • Send/Return: 1 SEND (1/4-inch TS jack) & 1 RETURN (1/4-inch TS jack)
  • LAN: 1 port

Power + Size + Weight:

    • Power Supply to Use: AC 110-240V 50/60 Hz
    • Dimensions: 12.6” x 16.3” x 4.5”(W x D x H in inches)
    • Weight: 12.6 lbs
    • Power Supply to Use: AC 110-240V 50/60 Hz
    • Dimensions: 13.11” x 16.3” x 4.5”(W x D x H in inches)
    • Weight: 17.6 lbs

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