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Midi Fighter Spectra Sleeves

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Precio original $14.99
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Replacement outer Spectra sleeves

  • Replaces your existing Midi Fighter Spectra outside case
  • Multiple color options allow for unique combinations
  • Easy to replace with just four standard screws on/off

Looking for something to add a little flavor to your Midi Fighter Spectra? Spice it up with our colorful and fun sleeves! They'll make your set-up pop and protect it from the wear and tear of the creative grind.

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Installation Guide:

  1. Lay a soft microfibre cloth or towel and place your Midi Fighter Spectra upside down to protect it’s button’s from scratches.
  2. Remove the 4 Phillips size 3 (PH3) screws located in each corner of the unit by rotating them counter clockwise. Spectra_Case_1.jpg
  3. Lift the unit’s clear bottom plate using a card or any other non sharp item.
  4. Remove the original rubber bumper by pulling it up gently. Be aware of the USB port on the side. You may need to slightly pull outward on the rubber bumper to get the case over the port.(USB port shown at bottom of the Spectra in the below image.)Spectra_Case_2.jpg
  5. Line up the USB port of the device with the opening in the new bumper and install it. Make sure it sits flush with the top plate where buttons are located.
  6. Install the clear bottom plate making sure the chamfered screw holes are facing outside as seen in the image.Spectra_Case_3.jpg
  7. Place each of the corner screws back and tighten.
    NOTE: When reinstalling the fasteners slowly rotate the screw counter clockwise until it sits on the original thread and is vertical, there should be minimal resistance when fastening. Avoid over tightening to protect the unit’s bottom plate and case plastic threads.Spectra_Case_4.jpg
  8. Enjoy your baller Spectra!Spectra_Case_5.jpg

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