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Choke Sound Packs

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Soundpacks made for finger drummers

  • 13 ready-to-play soundpacks
  • Over 200 expertly crafted samples
  • Compatible with any midi controller

Choke's soundpacks combine vintage vibes with modern synths in an ultra playable format. Have more fun on stage and in the studio with these killer sound packs.

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Have More Fun

These packs are designed to be amazingly fun. Get lost for hours in the music, without having to program a thing! Each pack is a complete song idea, but also open to interpretation. You won’t be able to pull yourself away...

Expertly Designed

After making an impressive bunch of performance videos, we asked Choke to share his killer packs with you. Analog samples, and pro mixdown and mastering mean you have 13 playable songs right at your fingertips.

Use ANY Controller

These performance soundpacks are specially designed around the Midi Fighter 3D and 64. Any pad controller will do the trick - including Launchpads, MPCs, and any gear with at least 16 pads.

  • 13 playable packs
  • Each pack is one full song
  • Over 300 expertly tuned samples
  • Professionally mixed, mastered, and road tested
  • High quality .wav samples (not mp3)
  • 390 MB digital download
  • Great for beginners and advanced producers
  • Easy Setup
  • Catchy songs
  • Made by a professional producer (it's his day job)
  • Zero risk guarantee
  • Works with all midi controllers
  • Who is this right for?
  • If you like the sound of feel good hip hop and flume style 80’s synths, you’ll love these super catchy packs.
  • Technical producers will love the samples and sound design.
  • Newer producers will appreciate the easy setup, and instant playability. This is a fun for beginners to hone their chops without getting frustrated with endless Ableton options, and quitting music.
  • What controllers does this sound pack work with?
  • These packs work with any midi controller, ideally a pad controller or midi fighter with at least 16 pads.
  • What format do the packs come in?
  • The soundpacks come as Ableton projects only in .als format, so there is almost no work to install them - just double click.
  • If you don’t have Ableton, you can use the included Maschine and WAV versions to suit your DAW, DJ software or hardware. For example, you could import the WAV files into Traktor, Rekordbox, or Logic, but it would take a little time.
  • Are these made for the studio or the stage?
  • These are studio quality samples made for performance. They are full songs in a playable format so you can jam with them on stage or remix them in your studio.
  • Do I need to pay for software to use with these packs?
  • All packs can be played for free forever using the Ableton Trial. Even after the trial expires you’ll be able to open and play the packs. Once the trial expires save and export are disabled - that’s the only limitation.
  • What version of Ableton do I need?
  • The latest version of Ableton, 9.7.2 is required. 32 or 64 bit versions of Ableton will both work.
  • What’s your refund policy on Choke Soundpacks?
  • You have zero risk!
  • If you don’t love them, just hit us up within 14 days after ordering.
  • Tell us why you're unhappy, and what we should do better and we’ll provide a refund. That’s it.
  • If you're even considering these packs, you might as well try them and decide for yourself since there is no risk. We're confident you'll love it.

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Can I use Mad Zach's Sound Packs to make/sell my tracks?

Anything you make with these sound packs sounds is considered a remix since it's a part of an original tune the artist made, including instruments. If you use the soundpacks you must credit the creator and you cannot sell anything with it or redistribute them.

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