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How DJ Techtools is supporting independent venues this 2020 holiday season

How to get your Black Friday discount prices: 

Updated: All you've got to do now to get the Black Friday discounts is hit the button below or just browse to a product page. Some products may require you adding the product to the cart to see the discounts. You can also chat with us (we're real people) with the other two buttons. 

We're supporting local venues this year with our holiday profits.

Buying gear is a nearly annual holiday tradition for many DJs and producers. But this holiday season, spend your dollars responsibly: support an independent small business run by DJs and local venues at the same time. 

What we're doing this year for Black Friday:

DJ Techtools is donating a percentage of our profits to help support independent venues who are struggling to stay afloat. When the global pandemic is over, we want to make sure there’s places for DJs and producers to perform. This has a huge impact on local economies - venues create jobs for service industry workers, creative professionals, and event organizers. They’re magical spaces where people share music with one another.

So yes, we’re running our normal Black Friday sale (starting now, see below), but unlike in past years, some of the profits are going back to those venues in need. We are donating to the National Independent Venue Association’s Emergency Relief Fund, and every purchase with DJ Techtools will increase our total donation amount.

Only independent venues who apply for assistance benefit from this fund - see a full list of member venues on this page.

Let's work together and help save the future of nightlife culture.

How to see our Black Friday discount prices: 

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