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50 Laser Samples + LaserMaker

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The Ultimate Laser Pack for Ableton

  • 50+ high quality 24 bit WAV's
  • Dynamic LaserMaker 2000 Ableton Rack
  • 8 expressive macro's that let you create 10's of thousands of different insane noises at the touch of your fingers

Mad Zach has carefully crafted over 50 mind bending laser noises for your production and performance pleasure.

He's also included his ultimate LaserMaker 2000 Ableton rack so you can get to work easily making your own custom laser noises in no time at all.

What's included...
  1. 50+ high quality 24 bit WAV's
  2. Dynamic LaserMaker 2000 Ableton Rack
  3. 8 expressive macro's that let you create 10's of thousands of different insane noises at the touch of your fingers
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Anyone who has seen Star Wars knows what a laser sounds like as it blasts through space and decimates your enemies. But if you've ever watched Star Wars on (insert psychedelic drug cocktail here) then you might begin to understand just how far into "another galaxy" you'll be flying with this completely insane new collection of laser noises from our favorite evil scientist, Mad Zach. But it doesn't stop there...

Mad Zach's LaserMaker 2000

Samples are fun! But making your own laser noises is positively unbeatable, that's why Zach has put together the ultimate Laser making Ableton instrument, called simply, "The LaserMaker 2000." With 8 amazingly expressive macro controls, you'll be entering hyperspace in no time. Perfect for creating everything from basic blaps to trill worthy candyland brain melters, this thing is ready for battle.


"This thing is a beast." - Mad Zach
"Positively genius, I finally capped Chewy" - Han Solo
"Not your mom's lasers..." - David Guetta Impersonator

*Note* requires the free plugin "Rough Rider" (mac & windows) which you can download here.

But why lasers?

Lasers are an invaluable tool for any producer or DJ. Sprinkle them over your mix, use them to intensify builds, or integrate them into a track to give it a bit more cyborg hype. Like any powerful weapon, its important to wield responsibly. However, irresponsible laser usage is also highly encouraged. Because lasers have an intrinsically exciting buzz to them, they can really help pump up the audience, especially if you've got your hand on a few knobs and people can tell you're really "workin' it." Fortunately, lasers seem to fit in nicely over just about anything, even a finished track, which makes them one of our favorite things to layer over a finished track to add a bit of "live" flavor.

Something for Everyone

Whether you're a producer just looking for a great collection of amazing sounding sci-fi noises, a DJ who wants a great way to add more dynamics to their set with an easy to use, amazing sounding laser instrument, or want to make your own custom laser blaps and twinkles, there's something for you.

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