Xtrax Stems 2 (Download)


Fully Automatic 3-Stem Separator for Any Song

  • Separate any song into vocal, drums and remaining music
  • Extracts acapellas from any song
  • Traktor STEMS Compatible

XTRAX STEMS can easily separate any song into its vocals, drums, and remaining components. Created for DJs, music producers and remix artists opening up possibilities for easy sampling and a cappella creation.

Get The Groove

Whether you are DJing, remixing or sampling, sometimes layering that extra drum loop can make or break the night. XTRAX STEMS allows you dissect that super groovy beat you always wanted without taking the funky sax with it.

Find Your Melody

Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, Load it, check it, quick, rewrite it. Unlock your creativity and find an untapped source of inspiration in your music catalog. Effortlessly extract musical bits from any song and find new ways to layer them to your sets or edits.

Extract The Acapella

How do I extract the vocal from a full track? That has probably been one of the most common questions asked ever since sampling became a thing. Xtrax has the answer.

Powered by brand new algorithms based on artificial intelligence, XTRAX STEMS 2 offers faster, cleaner stem separations, backing tracks and a cappellas at the same low price. Created for DJs, music producers and remix artists, XTRAX STEMS allows users to separate any song into its vocal, drum, and remaining music components for easy sampling, remixing and unmatched control during live sets.

The new Advanced algorithm is 30% faster and dramatically improves separation quality when creating backing tracks and when separating lead, background, and harmony vocals into a single stem. Improved, high fidelity drum processing increases the quality of drum stems and reduces drum interference in both vocal and music stems. Fine-tune and optimize separations using the new, real-time Separation Balance feature. Use presets optimized for creating a cappella, drum, and backing tracks or create a custom balance using the fully-adjustable matrix.
    • New! 30% Faster Advanced algorithm
    • New! High fidelity drum separation processing
    • New! Fully-adjustable, real-time Separation Balance matrix with presets
    • Automatic 3 part separation – vocals, drums, remaining music
    • Create and export a new volume and pan mix
    • Export separations as individual wav stems or in Native Instruments’ STEMS file format
    • Works on mono and stereo files up to 96 kHz / 32 bits

    Please visit our support page for technical and order support. Or check out our forums and join our community discussion.

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