Ableton Push 2 + Live Intro Included Free

by Ableton

The ultimate Ableton Live controller

  • Includes Ableton Live Intro 10
  • Large multicolor display gives full heads-up
  • New sampling workflows for slicing beats

Ableton has put together a powerful new update to the Push, which brings a much-needed hardware upgrade to the line - allowing even better sampling, smoother performances, and more insight into Ableton Live 10.

Improved Pads

Ableton has heard the feedback from lots of users who wanted even better pads on their next controller. The soft silicon pads are "carefully calibrated to respond perfectly at any velocity" - and are smoother to play than on the original Push.

Color LCD Display

The large color display has a number of different modes that really blow away the original Push - from waveform breakdowns when cutting up samples, to VU meters in mixer mode, it makes all the difference in being able to ignore your laptop screen.

Sampling Workflow

Coupled with 9.5's new Simpler modes, the Push has become the ideal interface for chopping, slicing, arranging, and performing sample-based tracks in Ableton Live.

Ins and Outs:
  • External Power: 12V DC 1.25A
  • USB Power: 5V/0.5A Two pedal inputs
  • Kensington Lock
In The Box:
  • Ableton Push 2
  • Power adapter (including heads for North America, Japan, China, Europe, UK, Australia, NZ)
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guides + Ableton Live 10 Intro
Size & Weight:
  • Height: 1.02" / 2.59cm"
  • Width: 14.57" / 37.01cm"
  • Depth: 11.54" / 29.31cm"
  • Weight: 6.6lb / 2.99kg"

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