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Traktor Kontrol S4 Tutorial

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Ean Golden's Kontrol S4 Masterclass

  • 1-on-1 tutorial with Ean, an S4 MK1 designer
  • Basic and advanced features covered
  • Hidden functions and preferences covered

If you purchased the S4 MK1 controller, you might want a guide for it! Ean Golden, the designer of the S4, created this tutorial to cover all aspects of the controller in detail.

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16 Detailed Chapters

Ean covers all kinds of great information - both specific to the physical controller and a fair amount of information about Traktor at large. (see the full chapter list below)

1-On-1 Masterclass

Known for YouTube tutorials, Ean's personal, approachable teaching style makes for an easy-to-watch class. Never DJed with a controller before and have an S4? This is the perfect starting place.

Close Up To Everything

You can't sit at the back of the class for this video - with screen capture and an above-the-controller camera angle, everything is up close and easy to see.

Tutorial Chapters:
  1. Hardware layout: Explains all hardware connections and important things to know.
  2. First Steps: Getting Started and Getting Sound running
  3. Browsing Music: (watch for free above) how to get tracks into the S4 and browse playlists/trees/crates without touching the mouse.
  4. Basic Mixing: basic transport controls and mixing principles on the S4.
  5. Prepping Music: How to beat grid tracks in the S4, set cue points, store loops and fine tune SYNC settings.
  6. Advanced Mixing: How to fine tune the pitch faders and other manual beat matching tips.
  7. Basic Effects: routing and trouble shooting.
  8. Advanced FX: How to use advanced FX, chained FX, custom presets and scrolling through FX on the controller
  9. Master Clock: How Sync works, What is internal and External mode?
  10. Multiple Deck Mixing: Using multiple decks, routing and sync questions.
  11. Loop Decks: (watch for free above) How to load loops, store them and use all features of the loop decks.
  12. Basics of the Loop Recorder: Recording loops and transferring them to the loop decks.
  13. Advanced Loop Recorder: Mutliple takes, overdubbing, clearing and other features.
  14. Preference Window Pt1: Goes into detail on what each option in the S4 preferences pane will do.
  15. Preference Window Pt2: How to customize and add functions on top of the default S4 functions. All goes into how to use the S4 as just a midi device and how to use it to control traktor and ableton at the same time!
  16. Special Functions and Synth Trick: Covers hidden Shift functions and how to create a synthesizer in the S4 using micro loops.

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