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Rane MP2015 Rotary DJ Mixer

by Rane
4 reviews
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Original price $2,899.00
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4-Channel Professional Rotary DJ Mixer

  • Serato DJ / Traktor Pro Compatible
  • Class Compliant USB Ports
  • Studio Quality Phono Preamps and S/PDIF

Control, sound, reliability and durability distinguish Rane’s new techno house club mixer for high-end audio systems.

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Sound Quality

The MP2015 is designed for playback of High-Resolution Audio (HRA) 24-bit studio master quality sources. Its sonic signature has no equal. And the dynamics are perfect for DJs preferring the uncompressed sound of WAV and FLAC files.

Filters and EQ

The four Input channels and the Submix channel feature a unique and exclusive three-position toggle selector-switch. Choose LP (low-pass), HP (high-pass) or L-H (low/high-pass combo). All have steep 24 dB/octave slopes and are sweepable.

Isolator EQ Section

Rane's proprietary three-band output Isolator is a steep 24 dB/octave (4th-order) phase-compensated Linkwitz-Riley design with continuously adjustable low-mid and mid-high crossover points.

  • Four Analog Deck Inputs: Each is Phono-CD-S/PDIF switchable
  • Analog Stereo RCA jacks: Phono (RIAA) or CD (line-level)
  • Phono Response: RIAA +0.1/-0.2 dB, Gain: 31 dB at 1 kHz, Butterworth 3rd-order Infrasonic (rumble) and 2nd-order Low-pass Filters
  • Max Phono Input: 126 mV
  • Max Line Input: 4 Vrms, all unbalanced inputs
  • Analog Aux Input: Line Level, stereo unbalanced RCA jacks
  • Session Analog Input: Line Level, stereo unbalanced RCA jacks
  • FlexFX Stereo unbalanced ¼" TS (tip-sleeve) jacks, Send and Return.
  • Mic Input: Balanced ¼" TRS & XLR combo jack with Mic / Line switch and +48V Phantom Power switch
  • Main is on balanced XLR jacks
  • Booth is on balanced TRS 1/4" jacks
  • Session is on unbalanced RCA line level or S/PDIF digital RCA jacks
  • FlexFX Loop Send is unbalanced RCA jacks.
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.25 dB
  • Unbalanced jacks (Session & FlexFX): Max 4 Vrms
  • Balanced jacks (Main & Booth): Max 8 Vrms
  • Dual USB sound cards with Seven stereo record, Five stereo playback, Each Port, 32-bit floating point @ 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz or 96 kHz
  • Class-compliant, no driver needed for Mac OS X
  • ASIO driver provided for Windows.
Size + Weight:
  • Height: 4.3" / 10.92cm
  • Width: 13.1" / 33.27cm
  • Depth: 14" / 35.56cm
  • Weight: 12.6lb / 5.72kg

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Customer Reviews
4.8 Based on 4 Reviews
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Henry G.
Canada Canada
2 years after purchase, I’m still convinced this one of the best!

Some features have been duplicated on lower price point mixers since this launched about 5 years ago. Other gear has hit market Since also that I would find intriguing (Model1, & FF6.2, each for different reasons, those in the know would know why). After 2 years of home studio use, I can say this sounds miles better than the Xone:92 it replaced. I’ve also owned a Xone:62, Xone:S2, Vestax, Roland, Numark (gag), Tascam, and DJed on the Pioneer line that’s been around since the late 90s. Really it’s the best audio quality I’ve experienced myself. Never had the pleasure of playing on the creme de la creme units I read about (Urei, old Rane rotary, Bozak, Formula Sound, etc), and hopefully that’ll change someday, the latter mentioned being a goal to demo someday (or even buy if the lucky stars line my pockets). Analog vinyl signals sound superb, it’s a digital mixer so good files sound equally pleasing. DJing in the red is a no-no, but in this unit with vinyl is okay to do on occasion, with certain records having an odd improvement that I rarely expect, but am tickled pink when I hear it, saturation that can only happen from components that focus on audio quality. Each of the 4 channels can easily select between the sound card inputs, and the connected gear on the rear. More per channel switches are on the rear to select between SPDIF-phono-line. The switches are a tad small, and take some getting used to if you desire to not move from the DJing position to change selection. I got used to it, though on occasion I still need to walk around to the rear of my desk to confirm correct selection. The FX send/return is routed magnificently, my RMX-1000 has been all but ignored over the previous 5 years before I got this for myself. I use it all the time now. That’s for another review. But turning FX on and off, selecting which channels to route, with a small bit of practice, displays no volume changes, no clicks, and a predictable workflow I was never able to achieve on my 92. Isolator EQ gets used more to soften low end for the sake of happy neighbours, but would see use in a club. I’ve been eager to play this thing out and I hope to real soon. Expensive, yes. Justifiable price point, again, a whole heartedly expressed, YES!

Rane MP2015 Rotary DJ Mixer

I have always wanted one of these babies. They are a bit too expensive but God they look stunning. Multiple reviews online suggest this mixer is, undoubtedly, one of the best mixers in the world.

Marc C.
Rane MP2015 Rotary DJ Mixer

I've been using Rane's for years and learned to mix back in the early 90's on a Urei 1620. I upgraded from a MP2016S which I absolutely loved. Believe all the hype as this is by far the best sounding and cleanest mixer I've ever heard in my life. I won't get into the technical details as other reviews and video's have that covered, but I'll touch upon a few observations: 1) The rotary pots are super smooth. A bit lighter than the 2016 and earlier classic rotaries, but after a short while you adjust and feel right at home 2) The filters are amazing, and with the adjustable on the fly resonance knob you can get really creative and color the sound. 3) The isolator is a ton of fun, and it's really nice having it integrated into the mixer. 4) I'm running my studio gear through the 5th channel and it really helped simplify my setup. 5) I'm also running a Korg KP3+ for effects and it works great. Overall I couldn't be happier with this mixer. One disappointment is that you can't monitor the isolator in the headphones, so that's a bummer as I mix late at night in my headphones. There is a workaround looping the session in/out and monitoring through the submix, but it's not the greatest. I also had to return my first mixer as it wasn't working properly natively with Serato DJ, but DJTechTools was great about it and sent me a replacement quickly. Top notch support!

Rane MP2015 Rotary DJ Mixer

Out of the box, this mixer is amazing. Lightweight compared to its analog counterparts, and it look just beautiful. I mixed some house vinyls right away, no FX. The sound quality compared to my previous mixers (djm600 and S8) is clearly superior. Hi mids are warmer and bass is well balanced. The eq Sounds nice if boosting is requires and also cut very well (so I don't always need to activate the isolator). The filters are really nice, clean and expressive, I noticed the exponential curve is different from many mixers I've used. With some resonance, there's quite a lot of boost in the bass on the first digits of HP mode. It took me around an hour to get used to the filters and found myself a couple of times leaving a channel's level up when cueing the next track. Faders are visually more explicit in terms of channel's output. Digital i/o's: dual USB @ 96kHz 24bit, multitrack recording, traktor scratch and so much routing flexibility! I play a duo live set consisting of 2 laptops, DJ, maschine, sub37, and guitar. We can record each set and mix it afterwards without any signal loss or d/a/d/a/d conversion. We use only one computer for the FX using the submix channel and usb session in. The output of the mixer goes to an XTA speaker manager via spdif. Again, no signal loss or extra latency. Thanks. When I read this mixer was not analog I almost cried. But... This mixer is the perfect example of how digital CAN sound better than analog under the right circumstances, while also giving freedom to the user (where analog fails sometimes). Somehow Rane managed to keep the "analog" look and feel. The mp2015 is more than a luxury to me. It's a solution. A first in many fields of the DJ industry that need to be polished in order to respects the ears of the audience. The headroom is amazing. If you have the money, buy it. I didn't... Until I saw how much it would help to take full advantage of my rig and the sound system I work with. I gigged, sold the s8 and Dj tech tools helped me getting it to Mexico in less than 48 hrs :) One more thing. It works with (one or two) iPhone/iPad via usb! Traktor will split the output into different channels with very little adjustment. Now the after party takes 1 minute to setup and sound like a "propper DJ setup". Don't take my word. Try it. I know many DJs may never like the idea, but try beatmatching two iOS devices by ear to keep it fun if you are part of the no-sync people :)


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